Felting School

Felting Instructions

When wool is washed in the washing machine the fibres felt together and the result is a warm and very durable material.

OBS! The result after felting may vary according to:

Felting is best suited for smaller garments like hats, socks/slippers and bags. The looser the tension, the denser the felting and garments will felt more vertically than horizontally. We recommend to use patterns specifically designed for felting. Find these here.

Felting following a pattern:

  1. Knit following the pattern - the garment will look big - but will shrink in the felting process.
  2. Wash garment in washing machine with an enzyme-free detergent without optical bleach. Wash warm on 40C/104F, normal spin, without pre-wash - Never felt a garment on a short cycle.
  3. When washing program is finished block the garment in the desired shape while it is still wet - the more wet the garment is the easier it is to shape.
  4. If the garment is still too big, wash it again and block into the desired shape afterwards. If the garment is too small soak it thoroughly with water and stretch to the right size.