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  • DROPS Design wrote on 13.10.2015 - 15:27

    Hinten wird ein Schlitz mit Knopfleiste gearbeitet...

  • Angelika Meyer wrote on 13.10.2015 - 15:27

    Hallo, da ich die Babydecke mit der Karisma-Wolle ...

  • DROPS Design wrote on 13.10.2015 - 15:23

    Hoi Marianne. Ik heb de vraag neergelegd bij ons D...

  • DROPS Design wrote on 13.10.2015 - 15:21

    Hoi Erika. Nee, omdat je haakt in de toeren van de...

  • DROPS Design wrote on 13.10.2015 - 15:18

    Hoi. Ja, nu zie ik het! Bedankt, dat was een fout ...

  • DROPS Design wrote on 13.10.2015 - 14:59

    Bonjour Irčne, aucun souci :) ce sont bien les 2 a...


  • Priscilla wrote on 06.10.2015 - 20:27

    Everything I have made from the site has come out ...

  • Linnea wrote on 06.10.2015 - 10:52

    Jag söker en beskrivning pĺ tovade sockor frĺn dro...

  • Helena Florin wrote on 30.09.2015 - 08:35

    Hej! Försöker skriva ut mönster och jag fĺr fram h...

  • Heather Haswell wrote on 29.09.2015 - 22:42

    I have been using Drops yarn ,nothing else ,for al...

  • Maureen Halle wrote on 26.09.2015 - 19:50

    Really wish you had these beautiful items in a kni...

  • Christian Martin (ms) wrote on 19.09.2015 - 16:53

    The knitter's dream site 1 it has been so well th...

The DROPS Patterns are at your free disposal whether you have knitting as a hobby or you run a yarn store. As a store you are welcome to use our patterns to promote your assortment. The only thing we ask is that you don't make any changes to the pattern and that all patterns should be given out to the consumers for free.

The first DROPS pattern books were published in the autumn of 1985 and since then more than 130 books and 6930 different patterns have been created! We currently offer 2511 free patterns translated to Czech!

On these pages, we endeavour to bring you the best knitting and crochet have to offer, inspiration, advice and new ideas – if there’s anything you would like to see on our site, please let us know and we’ll do our out most to meet your requests.